JetBrain Inc.

JetBrain Inc. believes in its uncompromising commitment to fulfill its customer needs and satisfaction and to become their first choice in Software solution. JetBrain Inc. is  Bangladesh’s most innovative and technologically advanced famous Software firm. Our Services includes- ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) Software Design and Development, Software Development for small industries, Automation Software Design (with database) Implementation, Installation and maintenance, Accounting Software module, SAP module integration.

Database: Oracle, SQL Server 2008, MySql etc as DBMS
Language: ASP .net, PHP, C# .net, VB .net  (Both Web base and Desktop base)
Design: Database Design, Software Design, Website Design & Development, IT Consultancy
Networking and Mobile Apps: Networking Consultancy and Android Mobile Apps Development

Feel free to communicate with us. You are always welcome to our World!! Good service is our commitment.

Managing Director

Engr. Md. Nazim Uddin; B.Sc. Engg, M.Sc. Engg. PhD. (on going)


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