1. The Articles, Comments and Opinions expressed in this blog and other online community sites are totally my personal views and they are No Way related to my Employer.
  2. I have full rights to Modify and Delete any content of this blog without any prior notice to Public and Subscribers of this blog.
  3. If you are holding the copyright for any of the images used in this blog, please let me know. I will remove them immediately.
  4. I encourage to use the content of this blog for only non-commercial, community and educational purposes with proper credit to https://nazimkuet.wordpress.com .
  5. I do not bear any responsibility for consequences of usage of the contents in this blog.
  6. For accuracy and official reference please refer to MSDN, TechNet, ASP.NET websites.
  7. The intention of this blog is to share my Knowledge and Technical Information’s to the online communities.

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